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DMX13 8 Way DMX512 Splitter
Model No:DMX13
Place of Origin:China
Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
Supply ability: 1000PCS/week
Payment way: T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union
Description: 8 DMX Splitter is a DMX512 distribution amplifier .8 can surmount the restriction that single RS485 can only connect 32 sets of equipment.
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Technical specifications:
Input voltage : AC90V~240V,  50Hz / 60Hz
Power rated :15W
1U high 19 inch rack mount construction.
8ch input has strong system remind function.
All input and output port has a protective function when 220V has mistake.
Fully compliant to DMX-512 (1990) specification.
Inputs and outputs are true RS-485 rated.
3 pin XLR input and a passive loop through.
8 way isolated DMX splitter output.
Input isolated from outputs over 1000VDC.
Outputs are isolated from each other over 1000VDC.
N.W: 1.8kg G.W: 2.3kg
Product Size :530*190*110mm
DMX Splitter is a DMX512 distribution amplifier It is specially designed for connection of DMX receivers (dimmers, color changers, moving lights ,etc.) in a star configuration.
DMX Splitter can surmount the restriction that single RS485 can only connect 32 sets of equipment
The multiple output optically isolated DMX512 distribution amplifiers have become necessary in many DMX512 systems.
DMX Splitter provide total electrical ground isolation between different branches of the star.  This greatly decreases problems with ground loops.
It amplifies and refits the DMX signal, that it makes the DMX data transmission more reliable.
Application examples:
1)Signal indication:
When put the dmx signal into the port of input, the light of output will flash to indicate that the signal is normal;
2) short circuit judge:
When a port short circuit, the light of output will stop flashing, keep bright, the alarm sound in the state of alarm switch is turned on;
3) Broken circuit test:
Using short-circuit alarm can detect dmx signal if connect the loop. In the loop with dmx equipment, make the end of the short-circuit dmx equipment connect, if there are not alarm, that means the tested signal connection is broken circuit; if there are alarm, that means the signal line is normal. Use the same way to test the short-circuit twice, it can determine which signals there are broken circuit.


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